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Eko Solar Fluid Antifreeze


Our non-toxic – eco-friendly Antifreeze Eko Solar Fluid is produced on a basis of Propylene Glycol, demineralized water, eco-friendly corrosion inhibitor, antifoam etc...

Main advantage of Eko Solar Fluid PG over other cheaper antifreeze that are made on a basis of Mono Ethylene Glycol (which is toxic) is that there are no dangers to environment or personel in case of a breakdown of any type. The possibility for incidents to occur (leaks on valves, radiators, seals, gaskets and bursting pipes) is always present.

Eko Solar Fluid PG -15°C Antifreeze doesn't freeze on temperatures higher than -15°C.

Antifreeze on Mono Ethylene Glycol is initially cheaper but after it’s utilization a problem appears regarding the disposal and destruction of used fluid which is not cheap and presents a burden to the owner.

Quality assurance (attestation) has to possess the following information: density, boiling point, freezing point, turbidity, foaming, reserve alkalinity, pH, water content, inorganic impurities, etc.