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When someone mentions antifreeze the first thing to come to mind is the cooling liquid that we find in our car which prevents freezing from occurring in the winter. Basic function of antifreeze is to protect the system from freezing at low temperatures. Its role and significance is larger, it provides a good level of heat exchange, has a high boiling point (crucial in summer period so it doesn’t come to overheating), prevents cavitation, foaming and most important it stops all types of corrosion.

There are many different ways to split antifreeze, but from an ecological point of view they can be split into:

Toxic - where the basic raw material that's used for
production is MEG (Mono Ethylene Glycol)

Non-toxic - where the basic raw material that's used for production is MPG (Mono Propylene Glycol)

Before determinating the freezing point, first the lowest temperature must be determined in the last one houndred years in the region so that a breakdown could be prevented. This is because winters are getting colder and summers are getting warmer. The difference in the price is not high as it can be if freezing occurs.

Eko Solar Fluid PG

Antifreeze Eko Solar Fluid PG is a non-toxic, ecological antifreeze which is produced on the basis of Propylene Glycol, demineralized water, eco-friendly corrosion inhibitor, antifoam etc...

Advantages of Eko Solar Fluid PG

The basic raw material is non-toxic MPG - Mono Propylene Glycol

New generation and non-toxic corrosion inhibitors

Long lifespan - up to 10 years

After a certain period of use and and quality control it's possible to fill the system with more MPG and inhibitors in order to extende the life-span

In case of any type of incident or in the case of replacement of current solution, it is possible to dilute the current solution with water and let it into the sewerage system, without danger to the environment

Classic antifreeze on the basis of MEG is initially cheaper but in the case of controlled or uncontrolled discharge-breakdown, certain measures must be taken. It is forbidden to drain the fluid in the sewerage. The spilled fluid must be contained in an appropriate manner and then handed over to the authorized operator for permanent disposal which represents a high expense.

Eko Solar Fluid PG can be used in various industries

Pharmaceutical industry

Food industry

Construction industry

Chemical industry


There are different concentrations of antifreeze that are usually shown as freezing points. We can make a specific antifreeze at the request ofa client. We don’t advise concentrations below 25% Propylene Glycol and above 75% Propylene Glycol.

Only at the clients request can we make ecological antifreeze which consists of permitted quantities of Glycerin.